Congrats to newlywed Mr & Mrs Delwin Gabriel Keasberry...

As sad as this may sound, i've never been invited to weddings (yes, i'm serious!) other than typical chinese wedding celebration dinners or the really dusun kampung type of weddings. No, I've never seen a bride walked down the aisle, i've never heard the bride and groom exchanged wedding vows, i've never seen a newly wed couple getting their first kiss in front of me and i've definitely never seen so much joy and happiness in a couple's life.

So imagine how ecstatic i was when i received my very first invitation from Aunty Linda to attend Delwin's wedding which was yesterday. Went shopping for clothes to wear for the wedding day few days before, kept thinking how it was going to be like and to be honest, i felt a *little* bit nervous as the whole thing started. It's like as if i'm the one that's about the get married!

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Yes, yes laugh all you want but that's how sad it was for me. I don't really blame anyone for not inviting me though cause probably i wasn't close to them for that matter. Either that or i practically don't have much friends who are getting married anytime soon...although i know a certain someone who do have plans. But yes, again i emphasize, i was pretty excited to know that i finally got an invitation to a wedding and i can erase the thought that the only wedding i might be attending in the future for the first time would probably be my own or something...

The wedding was simply beautiful. From doing backup for worship for my first time in a wedding to seeing the groom filled with tears of joy as his bride walked down the aisle and to being under-dressed for a wedding dinner reception (i told you it was my first time!), i'm definitely looking forward to attending another wedding. This time i'll make sure i'll be all dressed up and ready to go. My dear friends, please do get married soon yes? :)

In Him


tankiasu said…
Wonderful photos of the wedding. Hey I was there too. :-)

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