Hey guys, remember this magic shop of mine? It's moving to The Mall now. It will be opening this Saturday, 20th January 2007. There won't be any grand opening which means no lion dance, no ribbon cutting whatsoever...just the opening of gate. I'm not that Chinese to do such thing. Hahaha! So if you happen to be around The Mall, do drop by for a short visit. It's located on the 3rd floor, Cineplex just right opposite West Street Cafe. It's not a big shop so don't expect much but i'll try make sure it'll be interesting.

In Him


josh said…
no tongtongtongchang lion dance? how can?

oh yeah horr, you just said you're not that chinese.


imagine someone comes up to you on opening day

customer: "eh la your opening must have lion dance one! see hua ho got wan."



that's the first magic shop i've heard of ever in brunei.

congrats! :)
Em said…
iv been goin der da past few days but it was closed all the time what day wat time ?

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