Friends U Can Keep...?

Have you guys ever feel like you're no longer valuable to your friends anymore? Or probably you're only valuable when they need something from you? Or like among your circle of friends, you're the one who's always the last one to know about stuffs. Or probably when everyone in that circle of friends are busy, then it's only that time you're being asked out by one or two of the people in it. What about when you guys go out together, everyone is conversing about something that makes you clueless? Or like when one of your friends say they'll 'see you later tonight', you make time for that 'later tonight' thing but it never did happen. Or what about during those times when the world seems to crash and fall around you, you're left alone wondering where's the comfort and cheering up your friends are suppose to give you.


Honestly, i've never felt accepted all these while. Hell yeah, people come and go showering me with hi's and bye's, encouraging me once in a while, then the next minute, they're pretty much busy with their own lives. Of course no one reading this wants to see my finger pointing at you. And no, i do not intend to blame my friends. I have a nice bunch of friends. It's just that i've been really depressed thinking about some who haven't been keeping their words. I just hate putting my hopes up or looking forward to a certain outing / thing and just letting it drop flat down. It really hurts me...and it damn sure makes me feel like a fool.

In Him


Nick Thien said…
I feel for you man... I wish I had some words of encouragement but I feel the same way...
Chester said…
Hey Ron, if I've ever done that to you, I apologize. Never meant to do it. Wanna hang with you more when I get back.

But do me a favour, OK? If it sometimes seems like I forget, please remind me. I really do love having you around.

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