One day, just one day...

"I want to head down town!" I yelled. "It's been one of my life long dream to visit the town that i've been dreaming of a long long time and now that i'm already in this country, i need to go and visit it!" Laughing at my remarks, my cousins asked me to go ahead on my own. But i couldn't. I wasn't really familar with the area. I dare not take the train nor the public transportation fearing i would lose my way. I kept thinking to myself that this isn't a place i'm familar with at all. Play safe Ron, just play safe. Filled with much disappointment, i just went down the apartment and took a short walk. I then went to a nearby bridge and leaned out. Admiring the beauty of the city, i let out a breath and smile to myself. I've finally made it. My life long dream to step foot in this country is happening this very instant. Next country i'll stop by would be "Daeeehamingook!" i shouted and clapped my hands. But first, i'll need to fill my mind with what i could to make this trip memorable.

From where i was leaning, I could see the orange colored sun slowly setting. Part of it blocked by a few tall buildings. Tears slowly started to fill my eyes. I've never shed a tear before looking at the beauty of a city. But when i realized that i'm only here for a short holiday, sadness began to take over my emotions. If only i can find a good job here..if only i could be studying here...if only i could just migrate here...if only...but since i'm here for now, i might as well make full use of the time. As i walked past several buildings, i began to sing out loud the song that's been playing in my head since i got here.

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"Start spreadin' the news. I'm leavin' today. I wanna be apart of it..NEW YORK, NEW YORK!"

A few people saw me singing out loud when i was walking past them. I smiled at them as they smile back. I bet they're thinking it's a bit silly for an Asian dude to be singing a song on New York when i'm not even there yet. But i reassure myself when i told myself i'll head down town first thing in the morning tomorrow, once i get the map from a nearby store. I've never quite used a map before so it's going to be something new for me. Plus, i forgot to asked my cousins how far was it from their place to town was. "But so what?", I thought to myself again.The fact is that i'm finally here. United States of America. The place that i've dreamt of visiting.

Suddenly, my phone rang. I opened my eyes and looked at the time. 4.10 pm. Crap! Then i remembered, i was suppose to be playing basketball. Double Crap! I looked around again and saw my own room. I sat up on my bed in disbelief. It was just a dream. TRIPLE CRAP!

So I kinda woke up at 4.10 pm today because I had a dream about me being in New York a.k.a the Big Apple. Well, not literally a dream of me being at New York itself but i knew i was somewhere in the States. No idea why or how i suddenly got that dream when the fact is that the night before, i was actually watching a Japanese movie called The Death Note with a couple of my friends. Thought i was suppose to either have dreams of me scribbling down a couple of people's names on a black book or probably about some hot Japanese girls. But no, i had a dream about New York.

Just so you know, it's been one of my life long dream to just visit the land of the free since i was little. Whenever i wanted a white christmas or when i watched a movie about Christmas, the first place i'd thought of spending it would be at the States. Whenever i watched movies that have shots of New York, i'd always imagine me being there walking down the street singing "New York, New York" by
Frank Sinatra. I've always envied people who have visited the States, friends who spent holidays in that country, ex-classmates who studied there. I could remember the jealousy i felt when my dad brought my mom to Las Vegas for holidays few years back and came back with pictures of Disneyland. I remember once i asked my parents whether it's possible to spend at least a holiday in the States. My mom told me to study hard and earn lots of money. With lots of money, I can go anywhere i want whereas my dad replied saying i'll get my chance one day.

That's right. One day. I'll make sure myself that i'll make that dream turn into a reality. One day...

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Nick Thien said…
Hey man, let's me and you go one day. I've had my share of dreams of going to New York city when I was younger and still dream of going.
kangta164 said…
Really? That's cool...bah once we earn big bucks we'll go there for holidays! :)

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