Did The Simpsons just mentioned Brunei?

After years and years of watching endless episodes of The Simpsons, I finally manage to catch one episode where they mentioned the country where i was borned, raised and will probably die in (not sure about that one yet)...a small little country on Borneo island, Brunei!

The Simpsons for the first time ever mentioned Brunei on Season 16, Episode 15.

As a faithful fan of this cartoon, i feel so honored to have my country mentioned. It would be more flattering if those words came out of either Homer or Bart's mouth. Now i'm just waiting for Southpark to talk about Malaysia. Hehehe!

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irmiana said…
oitz! lol i cannot believe i ddn think of this before! omg hahahahaha. daymmmm lol! anyhoos. simpsons mentioning Brunei, or rather, just the Sultan of Brunei, is pretty awesome :D
kangta164 said…
Hahaha yea...!! :P

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