I am sure most of you by now would've heard about the virus that's grappling the world. Novel Coronavirus (nCoV2019) or earlier known as Wuhan virus (from where it originated i.e. Wuhan, China). As of writing, the death toll is at 815 deaths with 37,600 infected cases and spreading. Thankfully, there are still no cases reported yet in Brunei.

However, I was extremely impressed with the Government of HM who has decided to conduct an evacuation operation to retrieve two Bruneians (a tourist & a student) stuck in Wuhan during this outbreak. A friend of mine told me that this type of evacuation at the very least would cost about $90k given the fact that an entire plane would need to be chartered. What more, our national carrier doesn't usually fly a direct route to Wuhan. So a lot of diplomatic exchange/communication had to be carried out to rescue two of the country's citizens. Though whether or not there are any costs required to be borne by these two, I am not sure (although highly unlikely). But while following on this piece of news, I've also learned that for American citizens who are stuck in a crisis and require evacuation assistance by the US Government, they are required to reimburse the cost back at a later stage.

Google search result on "Do American citizens have to pay for evacuation".

Thankful to be a Bruneian.


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