Happy New Year!

A little late but here we are in the year 2019. It’s crazy because I told myself that for 2018, I was hoping to start blogging a little bit more frequently. And now it’s another year. But in all honesty, 2018 for me wasn’t as eventful as I would like it to be. Managed to get back into the workforce in May and pretty much from then on, it was work, work and work.

So much so that I realized in the entire year of 2018, I did not travel anywhere at all. But for New Year’s Eve, I managed to score some decent flight tickets for Kuching via RB. Since I've never been to Kuching before, we decided it would be a nice little getaway to welcome 2019.

Boarding our flight on New Year’s Eve at 11:45pm. Experienced the most hilarious countdown to New Year on RB flight. 

Got in to Kuching at about 1am, checked in to Pullman and pretty much crashed. We stayed for 4 days 3 nights with Pullman Kuching. Personally, if it’s your first time to Kuching, I wouldn’t recommend staying there as it’s a little out of the way as compared to other hotels that are much more central located. The only thing we enjoyed about our stay with Pullman is the view of Kuching City  as the hotel itself is located on top of the hill. 

View of Kuching from our 12th floor room.
I find that Kuching is a well balanced mix between Miri and KK. Decent malls for shopping (Vivacity & The Springs) and lots of selection for good food. We didn't manage to try all the street food that Kuching is known for cause I'm not a foodie person and there's only 2 of us but if you guys are into doing those, you'd be able to visit quite a few highly rated stuff as recommended by Tripadvisor. Here are some of the pictures I managed to snap during our trip there.

We stumbled upon this really chic bar / bistro place for our first night. And it turns out the owner of the place is a mutual friend of ours from New Zealand. Food was amazing. 

The famous bridge connecting the north / south of Kuching.

The city is also filled with really nice artwork too which reminds me of Penang. 

And on our last night, we decided to try this fusion Asian restaurant. It was amazing. 

Considering that now RB has re-launched a direct flight to Kuching, I foresee more Bruneians will soon be making their way there during the school holidays just to get away from the usual KK / Miri trip. The only annoyance I have with RB's direct flight is their timing & the frequency of flights there but hopefully once there are more demand for this flight route, they'll be able to sort it out.

A little hop for Cat City that is Kuching!


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