Back in the motherland!

Calla and I have officially been back in Brunei for a little over two weeks now. Being away for almost five years have definitely made me forgot how hot and humid living on the equator is. I sure do miss the cool fresh breeze of New Zealand!

For the past two weeks, we've mostly been doing a lot of eating and catching up with friends. I on the other hand have been looking around for job opportunities which is proving to be a bit more difficult than I expect despite being told that it will be easy cause I'm a local. So far, I've only found two Communication-related positions while the rest are more of a engineering / skill specific role but like everyone here has been telling me..."Apply saja!" (Just apply!)

It's been quite an adventure so far moving back to this little kingdom of unexpected treasures. We did get a few raised eyebrows from friends when we told them we've moved back here while other responses have been welcoming. Both Calla & I have had our fun living in New Zealand for the last few years so we both felt it's time to start another chapter. A chapter for her to get to know my culture and family a little more better I'd say. For now, it's more job hunting for me and re-figuring out how to get the best out of Brunei's working system.

So here's to a (hopefully) more updated blog once again!

Trying out our first Crossfit class. 


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