So what's going to happen on 21st December 2012?

So we're finally in 2012. The year that's suppose to end. Or the year that might end. That's one of the first few things that crossed my head when the world was welcoming 2012 with cheers and alcohol. While  most people i've talked to would immediately assume nothing's going to happen on 21st December 2012, it doesn't quite convince me about the possibility of it not happening. That thought was triggered right after watching this video.


That was 100 years worth of war, killings, natural disasters and significant moment. And towards the last 5 to 10 years, you can see there's an increase of natural disasters globally. While it has been a great blessing being born and raised in Brunei, a country that is quite free from natural disasters (besides the occasional flooding due to rain and poor sewage system), I cannot help but wonder how petrified I'd be if I were to be caught in any of the disasters.

A friend of mine also made an interesting comment which i found to be alarmingly true. He said "Back when you were younger, you hardly hear news about natural disasters. Today, you hear news about earthquakes and other disasters almost every day and finds that normal." In all honesty, i have never read, watched and heard so much information about earthquakes since i've moved to New Zealand. While I cannot imagine how it'd feel to live in Christchurch and experience tremors on a daily basis, I definitely  remembered my heart pounding like mad after experiencing just only a 2.9 magnitude earthquake in Auckland last year. Lol!

And then there was the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami that wiped out over 300,000 people. That's like wiping out almost the entire population of Brunei.

And of course the very recent tsunami that struck Japan's Sendai last April. This really got me thinking hard that it is just that easy for nature to wipe us out in a heartbeat. One day you wonder what accessories you wanna get for your new Macbook Air, the next thing you know, none of that matter.

And then, God knows why i ended up watching this documentary this afternoon.

©History Channel

While i myself at this stage is sitting on the fence, I'm intrigue by the whole phenomena and am always up the hear what others think about it be it science, religion or even logic discussion. What do you think will happen on 21st December 2012? And suppose if you found out the end times is real, how would you live your life right now?

What a way to start a 2012 post huh?


Ben said…
Great post Ron!

For me, there has been way too many end-of-the-world type of predictions in the past, from the Y2K millenium to last year's Ken Ring's prediction. While, like you, I am fascinated with the idea - there really isn't much we can do about it and there isn't enough time to do it. Imagine, in less than 12 months!

Whether or not it'll happen, I would continue living my life, and make the most out of it each day. I will continue to travel to new places where I can, and experience new things. I will try and learn something new. I will stay positive, and make more effort to see my parents and family since I will be having my first nephew in April. And I'll still be doing the best in my job just in case there's 2013. Haha.

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