My 2012 resolution

Like every year, i would always name out a list of things i wish to achieve for the year. I guess my last year's resolution did not go as well as planned but that shouldn't deter me from making resolutions for 2012. I think i've only achieved 3 out of my 8 resolutions which is pretty sad. But nevertheless, 2011 was another memorable year so time to look forward!  Now, what am i hoping to achieve for 2012?

1. Be a fully independent working man
Now that i'm officially done with university, i guess it's time to put what my mom invested in me to full use. I'm hoping to score a full time career with any video production company seeing that my major is in television/video production. At this stage, i will be staying in New Zealand for another year since i'm entitled to apply for a graduate work visa so hopefully, it will be another fruitful time. Sorry RTB, my plans to take over you have to be put on hold. :P

2. Attend church more frequently
It's been pretty hard for me for the past 3 years to get settled down in a church for several reasons. This year, i'm going to try and put in more effort.

3. Healthier lifestyle
Just like every year, this will have to be part of my new year's resolution list just to keep myself in check. While i haven't really lost much weight from last year, i'm equally glad that i haven't gained as well. But hopefully, this year will be more promising for me to achieve what i really want - the look good, feel good factor.

4. Start posting more photos / videos
Over the past three years of juggling between my part time work and uni, i haven't really been doing much shooting. But hopefully this year i'll be more active with my camera gears instead of letting them sit around in my room. At the same time, i'm also hoping to start printing out some of my best shots. I do miss the feeling of seeing and feeling photographs in your hands and whipping out a photo album to reflect on the past.

5. Have more confidence in my capabilities 
I'm always doubting myself whenever it comes to photography and filming even though i should be confident in what i have learnt. I guess over the last few years of getting "constructive criticisms" and not enough acknowledgements have shattered my self esteem with what I love doing.

6. Continue to be positive
Just like last year, i'm hoping to continue looking at the positive side of life. Smile more, laugh more, love more and live more.

That's about all i can think of for my 2012 resolutions. It's not that many but i'd rather have it that way than to list out a whole lot of stuffs and not even achieving it. Always good to keep it simple.


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