Retail job sucks...

I think retail is by far one of the most ridiculous job out there. Then again, anything that involve dealing with customers directly is pretty ridiculous. It's been more than a year now that i've been working part time as a sales assistant in an overpriced shoe store. And to think that i have not served any "interesting" customers since last year would be an understatement because on average, we get at least one or two "interesting" people coming in to our store every few weeks with either a complaint or some sort of negotiation.

There's this funny thing about customers here. For some reason, they get the impression that whatever they purchase comes with a lifetime warranty. And worst of all, if something happens to it, they demand a full refund. And we're talking about shoes that's been bought and used for more than 6 months. For some - a year! I recently had a customer who came in and asked if she's able to get a refund or a compensation because she bought a pair of shoes few months ago and have only "wore it a few times at the office" before the heels broke. I thought to myself, well if it's only been worn "a few times" it should be repairable or possible replaceable but when she took out her pair of "hardly worn" shoes out of the bag, i almost cried.

Hardly worn shoes

Broken heel on the left
I have no idea which part of this is hardly worn because if 'hardly worn' represents a casual sex person, this pair of shoes right here - is a prostitute. Not only did it look so worn out, you can still smell some strong feet odor as though she just took her shoes off minutes before entering the store.

This is how a brand new pair looks like...
I'm not sure if it's just me working way too long in retail that's driving me crazy or if this is part of "customer rights" but I personally would find it strange demanding for either a refund or a replacement of any product if i used it for about half a year to a year. Unless if it's electronic gadgets or something that's really expensive. But shoes? The only time i'll return to a shoe store to get an exchange or refund is if i get the wrong shoe size or if i break my leg wearing their shoes NOT when i wear the shoes every single day for the next 6 months and claim it's a crap pair because something's worn out or broken after using it every single day. Try going back to a department store to return a pair of underwear you bought a week ago with a little brown stain on it and say "Oh hey, i bought this pair from you about a week ago and wore it only a few times, yeah i guess i'm not actually a size 'S'." 

Jackie Chan says no
You know work is driving you a little psycho when you suddenly develop the skills to smile at a customer and apologizes (for her own purchase!) while in your head, you're sarcastically ask loudly if she has tried losing some weight before climbing on those heels instead of blaming the shoes.



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