New Zealand haka - Ka mate!

Rugby World Cup 2011 officially starts tomorrow!! Despite being here for a little more than two years now, i'm still not into the sports. But on the bright side, i did have my share of fun back in 2009 when i volunteered to help run a rugby workshop at Pat Lam Academy. These kids are just crazy about rugby!

Anyway, to join in the hype of the RWC fever, i compiled a video of the kids doing the haka led by a few of the guys from the All Blacks team. Excuse the terrible video quality because i was still using my Sony Ericsson W980 then. Yes, i still remember the model. Lol!

Go All Blacks!!


Zoe said…
Eeeek! I remember that! We should ask Pat Lam if he's got any more volunteer work for us. He's at LIFE central all the time.

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