Kaipatiki Project

Ladies and gentleman, this is what i have been keeping me busy for the past few months. After days of shooting and endless nights of editing, i am proud to present to you my very first corporate video  masterpiece!

Although i'm so proud of what i've done, i gotta admit i'm already sick of watching this thanks to the endless hours of re-watching and analyzing clips over and over again. Lol!

Added on 08/06/11: After giving a copy of this video to my client, i got a call from the manager of Kaipatiki Project asking me if i was a Christian. I told him yes. And then he asked if i'm okay with him swearing. Not going to lie but my heart skipped a bit thinking that i might be in for a scolding. He then said "I just watched the video not too long ago and i think it's f**cking awesome!". Phew!!


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