Paranoia leeching

I remembered when i first arrived in New Zealand, i was disappointed to find out that unlike places like Singapore, Malaysia or even back home in Brunei, there's no such thing as free wifi areas or "hotspots" around here. Even if there are, you're probably entitled up to 50mb worth of surfing or something like that. That's when i learnt of 'capped' internet connection here. You purchase a certain amount worth of data to surf online where in the event of you exceeding the amount you purchased, you will have to pay some extra fees or your speed will slow down ridiculously and the worse case scenario, you won't have access to the internet. Sure the speed is pretty fast here but it's limited. Unlike our most loved eSpeed back home, although the connection is ridiculously slow, we've got abundant supply.

And with that, i think it's pretty obvious why people here lock their internet connection. Back home, i'm always used to seeing the name/brand of the modem as the main source of identification to the connection or if you're out and about, it's always the name of the place you're in. Like for e.g. my connection back home is 'linksys'. Pretty standard to find among residential houses. The problem with having a standard connection names like 'linksys', you'd probably get smart people trying to hack into your internet connection so they can leech off your data to download crap load of stuffs.

Few days ago, when i turned on my wifi, i saw a connection name that made me giggle and thought it was quite smart of the owner to choose such name for it's connection. But at the same time, it also did made me think twice whether or not it could be the real deal.

Wanna leech of "NZPolice.Surveillance.Van1"?

I'm not taking any chances. Haha.


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