The Guyver

Everyone knows who or what MacGyver is. I thought i knew it as well until i recently talked about old classic movies with my friend and we somehow ended up talking about MacGyver. I told him i can hardly anything much from the show but i can only remember him transforming into some funny looking super hero with blades coming out of his elbow.

Then he gave me the WTF look...
He said there's no such thing at all in MacGyver and wasn't exactly sure what MacGyver i was referring to or if we're watching the same thing. But me being me, i was dang sure in the back of my mind, i remembered watching a show with either the name Gyver or Guyver in it and he definitely had some super power blades coming out of his elbow whenever he wanna attack.

Thanks to Google and Wiki, i finally found out the actual show that i've always got confused about. While the world enjoyed a show called MacGyver, i was actually watching a different show called "The Guyver".

Did anyone else remember watching this or am i really the only one who knows such show existed? Hmm...


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