Bro's update

Dear all,

First of all do allow me to express my feeling of gratitude and joy for all the prayers that you have made for my family during this hard time. I can truly say that God has blessed me abundantly with amazing friends that are constantly praying for my brother and my family from all over the place. Despite having to go through this tough and trial time, just by receiving all your texts, calls, messages and simple words of encouragement, it is more than enough for me to just testify that God is indeed faithful.

I would like to take this opportunity to fill you guys in on what has been going on with my brother over the past few days that led me to my sudden decision of flying over here to be with him. Well for those who do not know what exactly is wrong with my brother, i shall start roughly from the start. My brother had a relapse in his condition earlier this year after undergoing a full year of treatment for cancer in Hong Kong last year. This time around, as we cannot afford to seek medical treatment in Hong Kong anymore, we appealed for the government's aid for my brother's treatment. A few weeks into finding out that he had a relapse, his legs started swelling up really bad and on a later stage we found out that he is suffering from a case of Lymphedema. As there is no such treatment for the disease back home, my brother was sent to Singapore for treatment.

The first 2 months for him here was just the usual course of undergoing chemotherapy to reduce his cancer cells in his body. Then doctor told him that because he had done multiple chemotherapy and underwent radiotherapy before, his only option now is to do a stem cell transplant. Our family was hoping that this would be the 'season finale' of my brother's ordeal of going through all this treatment. His stem cells transplant was due on the 1st of August but before that, reports show that he needed to build up his stem cells first.

Few days before his scheduled stem cells transplant, bro suddenly came down with an extreme high fever and was admitted to the hospital. His right leg started swelling up badly. The doctors found out that his white blood cells and other blood cells in his body dropped drastically. As the main function of the white blood cells is to protect your body from bacterias attacking, the lack of white blood cells in my brother's body allowed the bacterias to attack his right leg immediately. As all this happened in such a short span of time, we got rather confused with what exactly was going on. The next thing we know, there was a sudden announcement by doctors about the need to operate on my brother's leg that is swollen badly. But with the operation, they said it does not guarantee the chances of him making through it. These are the words that one of the doctors told my brother;

"To be frank with you, you operate, you will die. If you don't, you will also die..."

Obviously, when this was being said, it was pretty much a death sentence handed down. I was still in Auckland when my brother told me what was going on. One minute he told me it was just a minor thing and the next call i made, i was hearing him saying his final farewell to me on the phone in tears. And the worst part was that the operation was due in less than a few hours. In all honesty, i thought i was going to lose my brother just like that. I have never felt so helpless before until that night. All i can do was just cry out to God for Him to be with my brother and told some of you guys to just pray for him.

I remember as i cried out to God in tears, i just surrendered my brother to Him. Mentally, what happened to my dad before just flashed back like crazy. All the fears, the pains and the heartaches just came back. And the worst part of it all was knowing that my mom was being all alone here. Being stuck in probably the most miserable situation you can ever think of, i just can't help but worry about what was going to happen. Around 1 hour after the last phone call, i decided to call my mom to see how the situation was like. Suddenly i hear my brother's voice over the line. My first question was "Aren't you suppose to be in the operation room or something?"

Then he told me this. As the nurses were all preparing him to go into the operating room, a senior doctor suddenly came in and gathered all the other doctors who was suggesting the operation. And then that senior doctor in that very last moment called the operation off and said it was not necessary as my brother's condition was not fit for any operation at all. Should he have gone for that operation, he would definitely be dead. I can honestly say that it was God's divine intervention at that very last moment. The next day i managed to take the next flight out to just be with him and mom.

For now, we do not know what is going to happen for the next couple of days. Despite that, I just want to rejoice in the fact that God did intervene at the very last moment. Personally, I believe it was through the power of all the prayers that you guys made. So do continue to pray for my brother's healing and also rebuke the devil's work in harming his health any further.

Again, thank you guys for keeping my brother in prayers.


KeL said…
Hey Ron, stay strong and hope for the best. I know how it feels, there will be more ups and downs so have faith in God. Everything happens for a reason, although we may not understand it now, there is always a reason why we face such situations. Your family will be in my prayers. Take care *hugs*
kangta164 said…
Thanks Kel.. :)

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