"When i grow up, i wanna become a policeman!"

During childhood, many children's ambition was to be a policeman. Can't blame kids. After watching movies such as Police Academy or Robocop, back in the younger days, i too wished i could grow up and be someone useful to a community. Wipe the crooks and bad guys off the streets, help the ones in trouble, stuffs like that. But those was fantasy. And those only happen in Western countries.

If i were to migrate and stay in Malaysia in the near future, i wouldn't want my child to be part of the police force. After reading this blog. It really shows how corrupted some people can be when they have the authority over another person. I don't mean to say that ALL the policeman in Malaysia are corrupted but come on, try going over speed limit in a highway and get stopped by the policeman. You can re-consider buying 4D (since it's only once in a blue moon you can strike jackpot) if the policeman just comes up to you, note down your I/C, driving license and your car plate number, give you your fine and trottle back to his position instead of asking for a bribe.

I've got stopped by police twice this year while having a night out with friends and the first thing the police asked for (Yes, they actually asked instead of us offering a bribe which 90% of Malaysian do!) was to "minum teh". Ok, at this point, anger would fill a full time patriot of Malaysia and wouldn't wanna blame the "Polis Diraja Malaysia" so where do the blame go? Let's start playing this blaming game. Obviously, it is you. Knowing that the country have such corrupted policemen, i think it would be better if people who speeds, pay for their fines instead of offering a bribe. They can't totally change the whole situation but at least they can make it a little better.

Reading his story has really made up my mind on whether to give up my PR in Brunei or to to be a citizen of Malaysia. In order to save time for those who are a patriot for Malaysia, i admit, i'm useless to the country. The country don't need me and i don't even know the full lyrics to the anthem. That is why i don't wanna be a Malaysian. But if this happened to you, i'm sure you'll feel the exact way of what the person is feeling. What say you?

I don't wanna make this a big issue or something political because reading the news lately, you can get jailed for blogging. There's no meaning to the phrase "It's a free world" anymore and those who used to enjoy "voicing" out can just sit down and shut up...unless you've decide that you've got too much time on your hands and you don't mind spending some time in jail.

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