Salutation to Brunei!

I was browsing through the "Have No Fear, Have Your Say" column of Brudirect when something hillarious caught my eyes. This was written regarding the STPRI issue of ghosts and ghouls.

xeo writes:

Las nyt i went to STPRI,

1830hrs: no people yet

2000hrs: my fren called, so i went there, there were lots of ppl waiting for "it" i guess. but i hevent heard of any stories yet.

0000hrs: this tym i went there waiting for stories. then my fren n i saw the host of "gentanyangan", hehe they bailed out sal yg ada sana atu bukan hantu, Alien yo! yatah nunggu secret service datang nie...

tunggu saja kedatangannya...

And in response to this, a typical Bruneian dude wrote...

Satan Gendol writes:

bahapatah ko nunggu di luar STPRI atu? Mcm orang bodoh ganya plang usulmu membuat di sini ahh!! Iski banar jua ko kan meliat antu.. payah2 agatah lepak..tidor kah selajur di KUbur siring kg.ayer ah!! wahaha

Damn i miss my friends who used to talk like that. Haha! There's no place like home..

As everyone knows by now, the Sultan of Brunei is re-marrying again. Pretty shocking when i found out about this news. Won't comment much about this issue but hey, if you were a woman, and one of the richest guys in the world ask you to marry him, wouldn't you say yes? I mean, i would!

All the dramas are beginning to unfold in Brunei. Keep it up! ;)

In Him


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