Just another day...

Something happened to my previous post i think. It's not showing i think. Anyhuz, how's everyone doing? Good?

It's been a long week. Jy went back to Brunei already. Sent him off to the airport at 5 in the morning. I lost my phone. I kinda misplaced it and uh, some lucky person found it. So yeah, can't really blame that someone stole it, cause it's my fault. If you guys message me or something and i go like "Who is this..?" don't get offended cause i lost all my contact details. I manage to recover my number from the service centre but all the numbers saved on my sim card are gone!

I dyed my hair. Twice! Haha..well i bleached it first, and the next day i dyed it. Doesn't seems to be much difference so i'm going to dye again. My hair is so dry now.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
This is the result after i bleached my hair.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Umm, this is the result after dying my hair.

Mmm..kay it's suppose to look "Cool Khakis" but apparently, there's nothing. Haha..i have no idea what color "Cool Khakis" is but it looked nice on the box. So yeah, gonna wait for my housemate to come back and get her to dye it one more time. My hair is so dying. :)

Got so much assignments due. Trying to get it done by tonight and tomorrow. My housemate went for a short holiday with her boyfriend. I'm all alone in the house with my doggie.

What's with the news about STPRI girls getting all possessed? I mean, once it's okay, twice is a bit weird but c'mon, 3 times? And they're just sending bomohs to pray here and there? I think if they set a live pig running around, the school won't be that haunted. I think the students are just acting or something just to skip class. Haha...so haunted.

I guess that's about it. Don't forget to eat your vitamins, say your prayers and drink your milk!

In Him..


juice said…
i despise ur tagboard. it does not seem to like me at all. pray and drink milk? haha sounded like milk is bad
RizelChama said…
Uh...excuse me...it seems like you know nothing, MR. I am a girl from STPRI and let me feed you with some informations I got from internet. TRUE ones, since the one who posted it has a father who came to help US (I'm a STPRIan) when we were in trouble, dealing with the possessed. By the way... i don't like the way you're talking things. Ok. Here: "Okay, this happened like a few days ago in my country. I was asking around and lucky enough my dad help with the exorcism, so I can get a full story behind it.

Turn out a few students were paying an ouija board using their "enemies" soiled period pad to conjoured up spirits. and in about a week before they were taking pictures of an old abandoned place near the school. and they teacher stopped them half way chasing them away.

It started out with this cleaner lady who got possessed, then several students, creating mass hysteria. Then later I found out the smaller kids in a grade school near by was also infected. Possessed but never accounted in the media. Every clerics, exorcists around the country went to help those kids.

the worse thing i heard about this is, they were playing spirit to fight over a guy. kids these days."

Right. That's what she said. Believe it or not. Or you want me to feed you more of the situations? Because I'm there everytime the massive possessing happens.
kangta164 said…
Joyce: Seems like my tagboard really hates you. :P

leikochan: Whatever i type in my blog is meant for entertainment purposes. If it did offend you i'm sorry but do take note that i do have friends studying in STPRI who's finding it a nuisance for classes to be cancelled as they're major exams are coming soon. I, myself am from Brunei too. I don't really bother about what's going on with that school nor back in my country because ever since god-knows-when, there are a lot of rumors being circulated coming from Stpri. It started long time since i was still studying in Brunei. Believe me a lot of the rumours are true..maybe students are being naïve these days. Didn't your religious teachers back in Stpri ever taught you not to play with these things? Pffsh..

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