He's coming!

It's quite a hectic week for me lately. College started 2 weeks ago. Assignments already piling up. Subjects that make no sense to me are going on...what a comeback eh? I've been elected as a class representative for my batch. Being a class representative isn't cool at all. You have to be a teacher's pet. You ARE are teacher's pet. She asks you to do one, you have to do one. Hopefully this will pull up my professional attitude marks for my final semester.

My college recently started at 3+0 degree programme for the School of Hospitality Tourism and Culinary Arts. I'm still thinking hard on whether should I continue with my degree after completing diploma OR to change course and start fresh. It's really hard to make this decision really...

On a brighter note, guess who's coming to Malaysia this September?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Yeaps. He's scheduled to make an appearance in Malaysia somewhere in early September. Can't believe my dreams are actually coming true. What a joy! :D

I've got a new housemate. Well, she's actually my classmate also. She's from China, pretty girl, friendly and best of all, she's a tidy girl! We kinda cleaned up the whole house ourself, scrubbed the floor with JIF...yes, we actually SCRUBBED the floor. Now my place is like heaven. All clean and shiny. Feels more comfortable.

Been walking to college. Trying to save cost on transportation. And also, wanna lose some weight. It's pretty cool to get up in the morning, get all dressed up and make your journey to class on foot while listening to an mp3 player.

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See that particular mp3 player? It's actually an MPIO FL350 that Kang Ta advertises. So yeah, i got pretty hooked up with that player few months back but now i got my own. Style-ish, small and very nice. Got it for SGD$149 only whereas the same model that's selling over here costs around MYR$589? That's like a rip-off.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Best thing about having one of these is that when you walk somewhere far, you don't really tend to notice the distance nor how tired you are cause the music is just playing and you're like so into it..so you just kinda scream along with the song and walk...and walk...and walk...haha!

I kinda forgot it's the Sultan of Brunei's birthday yesterday till my mom told me. Probably i'm turning into a rakyat jati Malaysia. "Negaraku....

Pretty late now, i should go get some sleep. Cheers~


juice said…
a girl housemate? and a pretty one too! hehehehe be careful! but hey at least she brings some sense to cleaning up the whole place! tsk tsk. i bet she's gonna love and pamper ur doggie like anything!
kangta164 said…
Haha...she got a boyfriend liau lar. And yes, she love the dog more than i do. And same goes for the dog. Such unfaithfulness! :(

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