So, the time have finally come for us, KDU Trainees to walk freely. 6 months of wait, let me rephrase that again...

6 months of bloody idiotic training is finally over and done with! And yes, most of my friends' nick in MSN Messenger are like "Freedom", "Free", etc. Freedom never tasted so sweet before.

So what did i do after June 26th? I went all the way to Park Royal in KL to meet up with my parents who flew in. It's been a hectic week really. A lot of ups and downs within these 5 days.

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Earlier on, it was suppose to be my mom who's suppose to fly in to spend the week of my holidays with me. Later i found out that my dad, last minute decided to fly in too to do some medical checkup. Didn't sound serious to me cause usually it's just a normal routine of going for checkups and stuff like that but the moment they arrived, my dad looked really worried. He didn't smile, didn't talk much, just kept things to himself. My mom told me that back in Brunei, the doctor told him that the chances of him getting a Colon Cancer is high. I'm no doctor but from what the report shows, there is some haemogoblins and stuff in your body that cannot exceed a certain limit. So for a normal human being, it would usually be less than 8.5. As for my dad, somehow, the report shows that some of his goblins shot up to as much as 410.

So there he was, my poor old papa, worrying his head off. That night itself, he started talking to me about his properties & assets in Brunei and Sabah. All the talks that i don't expect to hear just came out that night. I'm just 18 for goodness' sake!

I prayed hard everynight asking God to guide my family through all these and hope for the best. Thursday afternoon was his final checkup where the doctors would examine his large intestine to confirm whether the cancer is there.


Yeap, fortunately, no dad is considered as a healthy man. So it's a big relieve that there was nothing wrong with him. As for the other report, he would have to go back to Brunei and check with the doctor exactly what the matter is.

So after hearing the news, the 3 of us went off to celebrate. Well, not really celebrate as in party hardy...i kinda went on a shopping spree. *lol*

All in all, i almost spent around $1500+ on my own? Bought a new bag for college from Body Glove, an American Tourist bag for my laptop, a portable DVD player, one whole set of Magic stuffs, Issey Miyake perfume which i've been craving for a long time, a really nice shirt and few DVDs & CDs.

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That's the sample perfume given by the salesgirl. I bought the very first Issey Miyake perfume. Now i'm gonna get that one next. Oh by the way, i tried to be 'photogenic' with my camera so yeah, the first 2 picture is kinda 'artsy'. Hehe...

Parents went off yesterday. My mom wanted to stay a day more but my dad talked her out of it cause he have to settle more issues back at home. My mom love me. :)

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So yeah, i'm just gonna slack for this 2 days before college resumes. Before i end this post, i would just like to thank the Lord for answering me and my family prayers, a few bloggers from Livejournal Malaysians Community for praying with me and giving me encouragement, a some friends here and there for helping me out. Thank you so much for all your concerns and prayers contributed. <3

Overrall, somehow for me this week have brought our family a lot closer. I never had much conversation with my dad but through all these, we went through all ups and downs. My sisters never stopped messaging my dad asking about his condition, praying for him, my brother messaged me everyday asking me to take care of my parents, both me and my mom supported my dad throughout this unfortunate event. So yeah, all well ends well..(?)


juice said…
glad to hear ur dad is okay. so much for paranoia huh? better than my mum. i had to go for a minor surgery kind of thing once and she so kan chiong and bring me to the hospital on the wrong day. -.- i cant seem to tag on ur tagboard so i just leave u comments la. hope you're doing all okieee :)
kangta164 said…
Thanks a lot Joyce. I don't know why you can't tag at the tagboard cause apparently, it seems to be working fine la...! =\

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