I'm now a radio presenter!

Well the past month have been rather exciting. I've made the cut and somehow, managed to get a part time role being a radio dj / radio presenter on KRISTALfm. And to be honest, I'm still pinching myself whenever I'm scheduled to go on air. No doubt, there is a tremendous amount of pressure to know there's hundreds if not, thousands of people listening to you when you're on air where every single word you say is under scrutiny. But so far, I think it's been a great start of a journey in a completely different world for me. A lot of people who found out about my new side career have been really supportive - which I am extremely thankful for. But of course, there's always a pique of curiosity that sets in where I'll be asked..."so what made you apply for the job?"

First day on the job! Image credits: +KRISTALfm DST 
Honestly, I don't know either. All I knew was back in November 2016, they posted an Instagram post where they're looking for 3 new part time English speaking DJs. And sometime in the early part of 2016, I had this sudden urge to do something on the side to supplement my income and also to add more fancy-schmancy stuff to my resume. I was tired of being complacent with my usual routine of doing a 9-6 job especially when I'm still in my 'prime' years. So that thought, in a way, got me driven to start looking around to venture into something else.

Prior to this, I also signed up to do voice over commercials for radio advertisements. I thought that was as far as I'll be able to go with getting first hand experience in the broadcasting world. Then, the opportunity presented itself. When I saw the post, I was hesitant to give it a try simply because I felt like I lack the 'radio' voice and the fact that I cringe whenever I hear my ad being played on the radio. But I am reminded again by my wife - you'll never know until you try! So try I did. Didn't really put too much hope into it given the fact that there's so many comments tagging other people encouraging their friends to go for it. And me being the least competitive person in the world, I automatically go into submissive mode with the mindset that says;

"Yeah, no hope already lah so many other people applied. But at least I tried to apply."

Then after about 2 weeks into it, I got an email asking to submit a voice demo about myself. Again, *cues self-doubt & low self esteem but I decided to submit my demo either way and get it over and done with. Like the wifey said...you'll never know till you try. Eventually, I received a phone call saying my demo was shortlisted and I was asked to come in for an interview and a live audition. For some reason, I always find myself faring pretty well in interviews mainly because I come with an extremeku curious mindset. But when it was time for the live audition where I had to 'pretend' I was live on air and I only had one take, boy that was when I really felt I blew it all. I froze, I stuttered and I gave up hope midway during the recording thinking this is definitely not for me. I walked out feeling disappointed in myself that I got this far only to blow it but still felt proud that at least I gave it a try!

After not hearing back for quite sometime, I kinda forgot about it and moved on. Then came the phone call from HR saying I've got the job, I was confused. Excited...but confused. Reality only set in when I was at the HR office to sign on the offer letter. It's been three weeks into this journey now and I'm still figuring out the "art" of talking out loud to myself. I've been on a few shows with other djs where it's much easier to converse when there's a person to talk to but the real challenge as of date is talking to myself. Yesterday marked my second time being on air alone and boy, oh boy, I still find myself for saying silly stuffs that makes no sense. It's funny how nerves can really destroy your entire grammar and vocabulary.

Nevertheless, it's definitely an exciting world to venture into. Still feel like I'm not cut out nor worthy to do the job yet but I'm clinging on the fact that I'll just improve myself over time. Nowadays, I also find myself 'practice-talking' while driving so if you happen to see me in my car talking to myself, I haven't quite lost my mind just yet.


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