Happy New Year 2013!

On New Year's eve, I had a few friends over for a quiet New Year's celebration. Nothing big or fancy just a simple dinner with lots of drinks and chats. We also spent some time reflecting on how 2012 has been to us and all of us agreed that it was a good year. Here are my highlights for 2012.

In January, I left my very first job in New Zealand as a part time retail assistant after working there for over a year. Sure, it was just a shoe store but it was also my first working experience overseas so in some ways, it meant quite a lot to me.

Team Rockport

Despite working there only as a part timer, I also managed to save up a little bit of money which I was able to buy a return flight ticket back home for both Calla & I. No idea how I did it but I did so it was really an accomplishment.

Calla finally meeting my family and spending her first Chinese New Year. 

And then there was the Jakarta/Bali trip for one of my friend's wedding which was one of the highlights of my 2012. Ironically, despite being born and raised in Brunei, this was also my first trip to Jakarta and Bali. And it's only 2 hours flight away! After this trip, I've concluded that shopping in Malaysia is definitely overrated. Haha!

Bali 2012.
Catching the sunset at Rock Bar Bali, Ayana Resort & Spa.

After a great start to 2012, it was then down to serious business. I was an unemployed graduate with only a part time working experience. I would spend hours and hours on the computer just looking for jobs online and applying for whatever positions I felt was suitable. Sure, it was quite fun for the first few days thinking your next job could possibly be your next dream job but after a few rejection letters and no interviews, the whole process can really dampen your spirit.

It took me approximately about a month of job hunting that I finally managed to secure an interview with a local events/video production company. I can still remember the moment where I read the email from my current employer with a reply saying to 'come in for a quick chat'. After two interviews, I finally secured my first full time job as a video production assistant at Madant Productions

It was quite a hard transition for me as I came in during a busy period for the company. Everyone was busy doing something while I, the newbie was trying to be as helpful as I could. And just as everyone agrees, once you start working as a full timer, time definitely flies. It's been a little over 8 months with the company and work has taken me to a few places around New Zealand. I've also had the privilege to meet a few local and international celebrities. 

With Australia's celebrity chef, Tobie Puttock in Queenstown. 

Local artist, Dane Rumble

With US X-Factor (1st season) third place winner, Chris Rene. 

Working on the set of Hobbiton where I was filming an international press junket for The Hobbit premiere.
I had James Nesbitt and Graham McTavish on my pod!

There were definitely more stuffs happening at work but those were just the main ones off the top of my head. Another highlight of 2012 is seeing Calla do her first Adidas 10k race here. This was definitely a big milestone for her as she accomplished her fitness goal. As for me, I'm just glad I was there for moral support.

Calla finishing her first Adidas 10k race in Auckland. 

And then just only last month, both Calla & I visited Queenstown for the first time and spent an amazing 3 nights in one of the most beautiful places in the world. And not too long after that, she went back home to Michigan to surprise her family for Thanksgiving and spent her Christmas and New Year's there while I'm left behind in New Zealand all by my lonesome. Although 2012 did not end with a bang (no pun intended), I personally felt that a quiet celebration to welcome 2013 was more appropriate rather than the usual partying and dancing celebration.

So what's next? What's 2013 going to bring? As of now, I haven't made any big resolutions for the year yet but I can foresee that it will definitely be another exciting year. Here's to a brand new year. May 2013 bring everybody great health, happiness and success in everything. 


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