The Kidsongs TV Show

So I'm in the office right now and one of my colleague brought in her kid with her. She's probably no older than 5 years old, running around being a carefree child. Ah, those good old days. My colleague decides to pass her iPhone to her kid and let her entertain herself. Next minute, she puts on LMFAO's "Party Rock Anthem" on repeat. So far, I think this is the fifth time she's been listening to it.

I remember being that age vaguely. Every now and then, I would spend my nights reminiscing my childhood days. And just last night, Calla gave me a link to one of her favorite TV show, Ocean Girl, when she was younger. She was telling me how back when she was a kid, she's always wished she'd grow up to be like Neri when she was older. That somehow got me thinking about what TV shows I used to watch when I was little. Then I remembered, there was this show called Kid's Songs or something that sounded like that. After a few minutes of doing some Google search, I found this video.

At the very second I hear the beat of the song and the voices of the children singing, it instantly brought back the memories of me sitting in front of the television, watching this show. And then, I found their official Facebook page and their official website. They also have a few free downloadable songs/episodes on their Kids Tube page as well if you sign up. And it is through this TV show which I learned of the "BINGO" song. Actually, I think that was one of the few episodes/songs I can remember watching and singing along to. Another one was called "There's a hole in my bucket". Heck, I don't even know how I managed to watch this show in Brunei. It's either my parents bought the VHS from overseas or recorded it from somewhere cause I'm pretty sure we didn't get this show from RTB. Watching my colleague's child listening to LMFAO also made me realized how parents no longer filter what songs their children are allowed to listen. As long as there's no explicit words in the lyrics, it's considered okay.

Sure, it's fun seeing your kids belting out to the latest mainstream music but it is sad that they won't have the opportunity to enjoy decent children songs. After realizing how much Kidsongs have influenced me when I was a child, it actually got me thinking maybe it was because of that show that subconsciously got me doing what I'm doing today in my career path. I remembered always wanting to be part of that group when I was older because I was so fascinated with the control panels, cameras and tv studios. It is depressing indeed knowing that the children of today's generation no longer have the benefit of enjoying educational tv shows that can make them say "I wanna do that when I'm older" or "I wanna be like that person when I'm older" in a realistic way. So Instead they've got shows like these to look up to.

Honey Boo Boo. Mind blown.


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