My first post as a working man, while working.

Since I've got a long break while being on a shoot, I thought it would be the right time to give this blog a good update on my post-graduation life.

It has been quite a roller coaster journey jumping into the working world right after completing university - especially if it is your first job in a foreign land. Yeap, on 23rd of April 2012, I started my role as a video production assistant at a local event/video production company called MadAnt Productions. Whoop! Whoop!


Again, like I said in my past post, it has been a great blessing for me to be able to score this job - especially when it is highly relevant to my major and doing things I am passionate about. I remember the days of working in the quarry, almost everyday I would question myself my purpose of being there. I don't know about you guys, but I think one of the worst feeling in the world is coming into work everyday and asking yourself daily, "...what the hell am I doing?!"

I remember just barely two months ago, I was facing my computer all day looking for jobs and filling up all sorts of job application forms. When I finally got the call that I secured the position, I was overjoyed. I also remember walking in to the company on my first day. I felt a sense of pride and accomplishment that I am now a full time working man. As i walked past my manager's desk, he  welcomed me in a jokingly manner saying, "Welcome to the rest of your life!"

Decal of my name in my office

That's when suddenly, fear hits me. The fear that I had of not knowing what to do when I was working in the quarry industry. So far, one of the challenging part I had to go through is absorbing a year's worth of information from the person leaving in five days. Right now, having worked here for almost two months, I can relate to what my tutor told the class prior to our graduation. She wisely said, "It's not about what you know when you head in to the working world but it's more about what you don't know." And I find that really true. I believe there are some things in life you can only learn through experience. Every morning, I will always remind myself to come to work with an eager to learn attitude. So far, it has been a great start for me with this production company. I feel like like I have been managing myself quite well but, I have yet to accept the fact that this is the start of my working life.

So, what's in store for me now? I have no idea. My friends have been asking me if I do have any plans to stay in New Zealand for a while, now that I have a job. That, I can definitely say no. For some reason, it's quite hard for me to call this place "home" despite having lived here for three and a half years.

Home is where the heart is. Video done by the amazing Sarah Ong.

I'm sorry, New Zealand. You're beautiful and all but there's just something more beautiful about paying 53 cents a liter for petrol. 


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