RIP Steve Jobs 1955 - 2011.

Today, the world mourns as the genius behind Apple finally lost his battle to pancreatic cancer. As much as i want to blog about how much Jobs have revolutionize not just only Apple but technology all around the world, i also think it's about time that there should be an increase awareness with pancreatic cancer.

Truthfully, it's not only the fact that i own a couple of Apple products that makes me feel saddened by the passing of Jobs but also because my dad lost battle to the same cancer four years ago. I still cringe each time i hear people being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer because i know it's only a matter of time before their time is up. As of today, the chances of survival is still very slim despite how advanced medical technologies are.

I remembered the days when my dad finally came to accept the fact that he was dying, he said "No matter how rich and famous you are, once you've got pancreatic cancer, it's like you're given the death sentence." And of course, over the years we've heard big names like Michael Landon, Patrick Swayze, Luciano Pavarotti and now, Steve Jobs all becoming victims of this dreaded disease.

While it is true that pancreatic cancer is dubbed as the fastest spreading cancer or the "silent killer"(as the symptoms are vague), the average person may only live up to either a year or a little bit more after being diagnosed but Jobs on the other hand managed to live through another six more years. And through that six years, we've seen him proudly delivering all the iPods, Macbooks and iPhones into our lives. That itself speaks volume about how tough he went through life juggling between the disease and making sure all the Apple products we have sitting in our rooms now are up to his standards.

Pancreatic cancer may have taken away one of the finest genius to ever walked this earth but at least i am glad to have lived in the same era where Jobs brought us the future. May you rest in peace, sir.

Thank you, Mr Jobs.
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Unknown said…
How do I cancel my subscription
Unknown said…
How do I cancel my subscription

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