Lomo-ing in Bangkok, Thailand

I took a week off from Singapore to unwind myself in Bangkok, Thailand last week. It was my first trip to Bangkok and much to my surprise, things aren't as horrible as i had in mind. It's quite pleasant other than the weak free wifi services offered (quite surprised that there's actually free wifi provided) and the occasional mis-communication with the locals here. Here are some lomo shots from my new toy, the Diana+.

Central world, Bangkok

A view from Le Meridien, Bangkok

Another view from Le Meridien, Bangkok

Bangkok traffic

Central world, Bangkok

Siam Discovery Centre, Bangkok

Ah, the joy of shooting with plastic. Not as easy as i thought though. Still need to figure my way around it. Definitely had my fun in Bangkok for the first time. I think it's by far the cheapest place to shop for good quality and fashionable clothes.


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