Snip Snip

I've always looked forward to hairstyling. I'm always fond of fancy hairstyles but always have the fear of cutting my hair because usually, no wait, 99% of the time the haircut I want just doesn't turns out right.

Don't you just love those days where when you were kids (for guys mostly) that whenever your mom wants you to go get a haircut, you would just look for the nearest Indian barber shop and snip probably less than $5 and walk away?

I used to do that until one day i sort of had a phobia of those razor thing that they use to shave your sideburns off. In case you guys didn't know, I have this little mole near my ear, and each time the barber start shaving my sideburns, I'll always picture my mole, getting shaved off by them. So since then (when I was around 12 i think) I told my mom, no more Indian barbers.

My mom back then was a frequent saloon customer. You know where permed hairs were the 'in' things for the ladies, the bigger the prettier sort of thing. So usually when it's time for a haircut, I will tag along with my mom to her favourite saloon near town and get a haircut. The hairstylist that usually did my mom hair was always curious at why a kid my age was always coming to a hair saloon for a haircut instead of Indian barbers.

I've had a haircut recently in a saloon at a big shopping mall near my place. So there I was, sitting down and reading a magazine where this pregnant hairstylist come over to me and start talking to me in Cantonese asking me what type of hairstyle i want. Before i proceed, i asked her politely whether she knows how to speak Mandarin,(my Cantonese isn't fluent at all even though i understand them perfectly) she nods her head and starts conversing in Mandarin. I explained to her that i just need a little trim on my hair, here and there but whatever she can do, DO NOT touch my sideburns. She repeated after me, i say yes, don't cut my sideburns..then she went and say ok.

Feeling rather pleased with myself as i've manage to explain it crystal clear to her, i just continued reading the magazine. Suddenly i felt the cold scissors touching my ear and hearing the snipping sound rather close, i could only figure out that the only area that has hair there was my sideburn. True enough, when i looked up at the mirror, she was busy snipping away my sideburn. I think it was because of my expression she noticed i was pissed off. So she asked me in Mandarin..

"Is this short enough?", she says..

"It's REALLY short...and i thought i told you not to cut it?", I snapped back.

"Oh..", was her reply.

So she went and did the other sideburns and tried to make up for her mistakes by saying it look much better. After several attempts, she just ended up saying.."Nevermind lah, can grow back wan la!"

And oh, she even tried talking me into getting a hair pigmentation or some stuff like that. Pffft!!

I swear i'm never ever going back to that saloon ever again.

In Him..


Philip Khor said…
Does it happen to be "Angel Beauty Salloon" near DQ / old Pizza Hut in town? I go there.
Jr said…
Hahahaha... Waliew... Maybe she doesn't really understand Mandarin? lol
kangta164 said…
Pip: It's in One Utama. :) Near my area. Hehehe..

Jelome: She can understand. But i still don't know why she didn't follow instructions. Sheesh...
.bell said…
HI RON!! sorry but i cant help but laugh..i wud be pissed too tho!

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