Internet kills!

Lately, i've been feeling extremely tired. Like really tired! I come back from training, walk into my room, ignore everything else, switch on my laptop, connect to the Internet, click around and go to sleep. Whenever my phone rings in the middle of the night, or when i'm sleeping, i tend to have this habit of not hearing it. And yes, i know it's not a good thing.

So here i go, waking up in the middle of the night, checking my phone, then continue sleeping. My whole body is aching. Today fortunately, i woke up at around 2 am? And now here i am, typing away like nobody's business early in the morning.

Thank God my shift starts at 3pm later or else i wouldn't know what's gonna happen. Housekeeping is alright. The people there are sort of like, keeping stuff to themselves. Not much friendliness but as long as i'm doing my work, they're doing theirs, everything should be alright. Haven't talked much to anyone of them like casually, aside from the maids that i'm assisting.

Am currently washing the toilets of the rooms. I can't be bothered to learn how to make up the beds. Didn't know washing the toilets can be such an ass. Seriously, next time if you do check in to a hotel, please do not flood the whole place up because it's really annoying to clean it up.

I can't stop looking at my final schedule of my training. I've been stroking every single day that pass by till the 26th where i can finally be free. So officially, i have 17 more days to go. *jumps around*

Realized something weird about me. The interent really bores me. I mean, i come online every single day, not chatting to anyone, got this habit of clicking the same old places and that's about it. Even though when i run out of idea of what to do online, i still have this urge to just sit on this damn chair and keep on clicking...clicking on what? I don't know myself. Seriously, right now i'm so bored off my ass i can't even think of what to do. And yes, i am reluctantly updating this blog for boredom sake.

Been downloading shitloads of Southpark episodes to keep me entertained. Eating biscuits and drinking coffee have been my daily meals. Feeling so drowsy and weak. Hands and legs are aching. This feeling just makes me wanna DIE!

Some random pictures before i go off.

Image hosted by
Ivy, me and my brother during the time when my dad and bro came over for some business trip. Miss my bro..

Image hosted by
Me and some of my friends who used to work back in the shitty Ee Chinese Cuisine Restaurant in the hotel.

That's about it. Go buy Hillsong's Delirious album. Love it. Delirious?


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